Sunday, September 2, 2007


ever heard the phrase "nobody's perfect" ?
hmm. when i see my own reflection in the mirror, i see a person who's faarrr far away from PERFECT. a moody, shallow, self-centered, and the list goes on.. girl. i can never describe myself, and always have random thoughts. i know i can't be perfect, but at least i'm starting to try to:

- be smart, read more books (the qualified ones).
- punya minat luas, minat apa kek..
- punya nyali yg lumayan besar to take risk.
- jadi pekerja keras.
- ambitious, in a good way.
- honest.
- have a trust in me to be able to achieve many things in the future.
- be baik hati :)
- have a positive thinking towards everything.

yes yess. makin tua harus berubah jadi makin baik dong yaaa, masa' mau bgini2 terus..


Mira said...

mid-semester resolution yah Dit? hahaha gw keliatannya jg harus bikin nih! tapi kalo gw udah bikin gitu lalu cuma dipandangin doang, kaga dikerja2in haha :P

crunchy said...

mwahahaha.. iya mir, setiap event hrs ada resolusinya doong. mau new year kek, new semester kek, ini mid-semester juga.. ayo mirr, saling meresolusi dong kita..