Tuesday, September 11, 2007

being a bubble tea assistant for a day.

As my partner (that's how he called me, nyehehehe..) has to work 8 hours (yesss EIGHT hours!) straight at Bintang Bubble Tea today, he begged me to rush there to accompanying him right after i finished my test.. to get rid of his boredom he said.

So andrew drove me there, we arrived at 7, where dd had only been working for 4 hours. and what i did was only watching him doing this and that, a bit learning about making a glass of bubble tea, reading OK magazine (which has nothing to do with education at all, hehe), having a chit-chat with him, and finally helping him counting the cash at till. today's a bit slow, maybe cause its weekdays, plus its Tuesday, where most ppl are going to Hoyts to enjoy the movies at special price..

Anyway, finally the clock showed "10.00", means its time to close the shop. but he still got another 1 hour to clean it up. we went home at 11, and he looked very tired while driving me home.. ooh that's why they call it 'work', honey... i don't know why i feel very tired as well, hehe.. and so sleepy.. hoaahhhmmm.. *menguap*

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