Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Auld Lang Syne.

Happy new year, everyone. I wish the upcoming year would bring you more happiness, opportunity, health and wealth :)

So how did you celebrate it? I had an intimate dinner with closest friends and then we headed to Millpoint to see the fireworks. I always love fireworks, and honestly I was expecting for something far more spectacular than what I actually saw. But that's okay. Surrounded by my closest friends on new year's eve is more than enough for me.

I could feel the tight-knit-bond between us. And that's just simply wonderful. The food is deliciously yummy, mixed with lots of good laugh. Heaven on earth.

Looking back to the year 2008, I could say that this is my clueless year. I got my bachelor degree, but still struggling in finding the peoper job. I felt the urge to start making my own living, but I still haven't been able to do that. Although, I have uncountable things that makes me feel incredibly thankful. Thank God for everything I have achieved and for everything You've given me.

The first and a half hour of 2009 has passed. I hope this year will be brighter than ever. Bismillah..

photos by Adi Hariya*

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

5th Times for Me, 1st Time for Wendy.

Have you ever watched Jennifer Love Hewitt's If Only? This movie's got to be on top of my favourite movie list. And yeah, we really cried our eyes out.

ps. Instead of popcorn, we had lettuce for snack.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Full of Hope.

I don't want to expect too much from this. But I can't hide my excitement :D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

For All of You.

Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year to the world !

Let the coming year be better than all the others.
Future is always good, no matter what happens :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last Weekend.

Mendi - Dita - Eveline
Leedervile, WA
13 December 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Just in case you wanna know, I'm blogging while I'm in the loo. Hihi. This is just one of billion things I love about having a wireless-broadband-internet-connection.

Errr.. Actually i don't have much to say. Audrey flew to Jakarta this morning, and Wendy just came home from a late-nite shopping few minutes ago and she seemed very happy with her new hair dryer and flat iron. Oh and she cooked a really yum chicken skin crackers this morning. I just couldn't get enuff of it.

Really, I need to do something useful. Something that could drag my lazy ass from the couch and bed. I need to get a 'real' job. I know i know, I always say the same thing over and over again about me longing for a full time job. But still... Aeegrhhr.. It makes me want to cry even just to think about it. See, the tears start to rolling down my cheek now. T_T

Woops. I miss my superboii.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Silly Conversation

Baru aja gw sign in MSN, langsung si mendi manggil2. Begini sepenggal percakapannya..

amanda says:
eh dit

amanda says:
lo tau ga sih asal kata bistik?

Andita says:

Andita says:

amanda says:
tadi gw pikirin yah

amanda says:
mungkin dari beef steak

Andita says:

Andita says:
penting ga sih meeeennnnnnn

amanda says:
pinter ya gw

amanda says:
bosen bgt gw

Monday, December 15, 2008

Please Baby Don't..

I'm sensing something odd.

*maaf ini nggak penting dan sangat random. haha*

Anyway, welcome to Klub Senang-Senang (KSS).

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baked Dita.

Perth's current temperature: 38 C

Parraaaahhhh... Gw bener2 pengen di rmh aja seharian, karena di dlm rumah lebih adem daripada di luar. Jadinya tadi bangun siang, cuci baju, leyeh2 ntn DVD.. Trus tiba2 kok pengen beli frozen coke nya Mc.D. Yaudah, akhirnya gw cepet2 jemur baju, ambil tas, trus langsung capcuss ke Mc.D. Drive thru doang, karena emang pengen buru2 pulang lagi. Tp sampe sana gw malah tergoda beli Iced Coffee nya, hehe. Sama beli small fries juga..

Itu gw pergi kira2 20 menit lah ya.. Begitu sampe rumah, pegang2 jemuran, ya ampun udah kering aja yaa tuh baju2 saking panasnya ! Tapi emang yg gw jemur itu kaos2 semua, nggak ada jeans. Sekarang udh keriing, ya ampun gw msh amazed rasanya.. Trus tadi gaya dong, gw pegang2 jemuran aja pake sunglasses. Hahaha..

Dan sekarang kulit muka gw rasanya perih2 gitu, gara2 kebakar matahari. Gggrrhhhgggg.. Apa harus pake after-sun lotion ya? Huhu tambah item deh kulitku :(

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I feel like I'm lost in a fog.
Not only I don't know where I am standing,
I also don't know where should I be.

I am completely lost.

Friday, December 5, 2008

You Might Want to Watch This.

What happenned with Miley Cyrus? She seemed to be high on drugs in this interview. And what's with her voice? She's acting soo completely weird. Okay, she's only 16. But why on earth she would act like a 3 yo ? Eew.


Settingannya lagi di Miggles Carousel, Dita & Wendy ketemu Annice. Setelah basa-basi dan ngobrol macem2, terjadi lah percakapan berikut ini:

Annice : Iya Wen, temenku orang hongkong ada yang balik for good jadi dia nolak kerjaan jadi PR gitu di *&^%$#@!#%.
Wendy: Haahh, aku mau dong apply itu nama perusahaan nya apa ya Nis? Aku mau cari di google ah nanti.
Annice: Iya cari aja, namanya *&^%$#@!

Setelah puas ngobrol2, Dita & Wendy keluar dari toko dan jalan menuju parkiran.

Dita: Ya ampun kalo aku jadi temennya Annice sih ga bakalan jadi for good ya kalo udh ditawarin kerja disini...
Wendy: Iyaaaa coba ya yaa ampun kronis banget nggak sih Diiiitttt.. Kita disini susah banget nyari kerja, sementara dia udah ditawarin kerja malah nolak..
Dita & Wendy: ........
Dita & Wendy: *liat-liatan*
Dita: Ironis kali wen maksudnya?
Wendy: Hoooooooiyaaaaaa... Hehahaheheehehaahahahheheahh...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another Weekend is Approaching.

Hey its Thursday already ! So it's been more than a week since my last post. Aaw, I seem to be neglecting my blog. I never meant to, its just everytime I start to write something in here, I always end up closing the blogspot window because I always got stuck on the second or third sentence. Because I have nothing to be shared in my blog, hehe. Nothing new, nothing interesting, nothing.

Just in case you care, I'm not gonna work more than 10 hours a week this month :(

I feel really bored (and broke) ! Since Monday, me and Wendy just wandering around together because we have nothing to do. Looking on the bright side, maybe it's time for us to be back on being TWINS again. Hehahahhaeehehah.. We're even started to look-alike *okay, a bit exaggerated* !

Oh by the way.. I've just dyed my hair black. I think it suits me better than the mahogany one, which looked really yuck when the colour starts to fade out and my natural hair colour started to grow.

I miss my mommy and daddy. I hope they're doing fine, healthy and happy. If only I'm only allowed to ask one thing, I would ask for them to live happily forever. Because afterall, that's the only thing that matters.