Thursday, February 28, 2008


Wow! I love dolphins! I just realized how cute and warm-hearted they are :)

Anyway, I feel very very sick today. Probably because its my first day mensing. Oh I feel dizzy and my tummy's upset, and somehow I lost my energy so I can't do anything :(


Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Well, besok panas. Menurut weather forecast nya Channel Ten, tomorrow's temprature would be 39 degrees ! Nearly 40 ! Oh please... I hate it I hate it I hate itttt...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hey, it's OK to..

Bought a copy of the latest edition of NewWoman and found this funny article called "Hey, it's OK to.."

  1. Not act your age all the time (it's good for the soul).
  2. Watch your boss spend all day with spinach in their teeth.. and not say a word.
  3. Understand the subtle difference between 10 shades of red nail varnish, and be proud of it.
  4. Hold a grudge for at least a decade.
  5. Spend a fortune on a top, only to find it a year later at the bottom of your cupboard with the tag still attached.
  6. Decide that DVD 'fuel' -buttered popcorn, Cheezels and two litres of Coke- is not a choice, but a necessity.
  7. Actually think that a new mascara will solve everything.
  8. Believe the most powerful force in the universe is GOSSIP :)
  9. Love being able to tell people, 'I told you so....'
  10. Lie to the police. "Wow officer, was I really going that fast?".
  11. Wonder why people in the movies carry their groceries in brown paper bags.
  12. Quit your job before you have a new one to go to.
  13. Not spend every holiday away with your partner -girls-only gateaways are healthy.
  14. Filrt with your ex and not feel guilty, hahah.
  15. Secretly find whoopee cushions, dogs wearing glasses and old people swearing hilarious.

Taken from March 2008 edition of Australian New Woman

My very first own-baked Mini Muffins :)

Hari ini sengaja bangun lebih pagi karena mau beli sunflower oil and milk di Woolworths depan rumah. Nggak pake mandi, langsung cao.. Hehe. Dapet resep nya dari blog nya Ninit Istribawel with tag "cookies for dummies".. Ternyata bikinnya gampang, dan bentuknya bagus.. Cihuy ! Muffin pertama ku sukses deh. Tapi di loyang pertama, gw lupa masukin choc chips jadinya rasanya plain banget.. Kalo soal rasa sih agak standar ya, gapapa, yang penting bentuknya!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friday, February 22, 2008


My bluetooth is not working, so I won't be able to store photos from my mobile in here :(
Btw, me and Mandy along with Jon and Wendy went to the new Ikea in Innaloo yesterday. It was veeerrryyyy hugeeee, the biggest home furnishing store I've been to. We were so excited we thought we wouldn't get enuff of it but after 2 hours walking around, we felt like 'mabok furniture'.. Hahahah..

I bought myself a set of storage box ($12) to put my stuff in, and a set of lunch box for me and Wendy ($7). I consider those cheap because the storage box set consists of 6 boxes in different sizes that can be folded, and the lunch box set consists of more than 20 lunch boxes in different sizes and shapes.

Owh, and here I am, sitting alone in front of TV, jobless. Hehe g ada hubungannya sih, but I pitty myself for not getting a job, really.. Hiks..



Breakfast: a cup of hot chocolate.
Lunch: Chicken fried rice.
Dinner: Smoked Salmon Salad
Dessert: Caramel Pudding.

Mungkin ini ngga penting, but I love my today's menu :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dear Jare...

I pick up this quote from Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, which I thought was incredibly wonderful to be dedicated for Jare:

Looking back now I feel like our lives changed because they had to
and that the real magic somehow holding us together
when it felt like nothing would ever be the same again
we know now that no matter how far we travelled around on our own seperate
Somehow we would always find out way back to each other
And with that, we could get through everything
To us. Who we were, and who we are. And who we'll be.
And this moment, and the rest of our lives, together and apart.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Uh. Somehow I feel confused about the job thingy.. Honestly, its not the kind of job I've been dreaming of but afterall, I gotta have to go through this phase no matter what. I am completely aware of my calibre and what I'm capable of, and this job is obviously a huge opportunity for me. Tapi yeah, we'll see. I don't put high expectation on this, though..

Monday, February 11, 2008

Enthusiastically Hott.

Oh my God, surely I can't stand the heat down here. Yuck. I took a shower this morning and now am about to take another, and later, another one before I go to bed. The weather forecast on The Morning Show says that today's temperature is around 22-37. Shoot ! My skin's getting even more dark and dry, i lost my appetite and enthusiasm toward particularly everything ! Hehe gak segitunya sih.. *lol*

Anyway, I got a good news! I'm having 2 interviews tomorrow! yay! T-W-O intervewS ! wish me luck guys, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a very tough competition since they hold a multiple-round interview. Hopefully I could pass this first round.. Luckily, both interviews take place in West Perth, which can be easily reach by public transport. Phiuh..

Okay, I'm off.. Have nice weekdays, folks ;)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Present from Harpers ++

Hahahaaa, why "harpers ++" ? Karena selain wendy-audrey, kado ini juga dari mariska dan jonn.. Lucuuu slippers ini dipakenya comfy banget karena ada bulu2 wool nya gt di dalem jadi anget kl dipake pas winterr. Sayangnya sekarang msh summer, jadi gw hrs sedikit bersabar sblm merawanin slippers ini, daripada bau kaki duluan gitu kan *lol*. I loooovvveeee iittt guys! Thank youuuuuu =D

-Peter Alexander winter slippers-

Presents from my superboii..

Hehehe. Seneng sekali akhirnya udh balik ke Perth. Hari kamis kemaren (tgl 7 feb) gw sampe Perth bareng sama papa-mamaku, dijemput my superboii :) Kasian, hari itu hujan deres banget, jadinya dd keujanan basah kuyup padahal cuma jalan dari parkiran ke tmpt penjemputan.. Dari situ dia anterin gw ke rumah harper, sementara papa-mama ke hotel. Eeee di rumah, di tiba2 ngasih hadiah buat 2nd anniversary kita! huehehe i was surprised to know that he had prepared me a present, dan sedangkan gw malah ga ngasih apa2 sama sekali buat dia.. eh bukannya nggak ngasih sih, tapi blom aja, hehehe.. gw dapet ini:

-a gold necklace with blue heart-shapped pendant-

abis itu, lagi seneng2 pake kalungnya, tiba2 dia ngasih satu lagi kado tipis seukuran amplop. kali ini buat hadiah ultah gw yg ke-21 tgl 29 january kemaren. Dan gw seneeennggg banget, dapet ini:

-Maroon 5 ticket concert !!!-

Ya ampuunnnn,, gw sampe ga brenti teriak2 saking senengnyaaa... gw udh lama banget pengen ntn maroon5, dari jaman SMA lah.. tapi kayaknya mereka blm pernah ke indo ya (kalo ga salah), dan pas akhirnya mereka show di sini, gw pengen ntn tp takutnya ga ada yg nemenin, since my housemates ada test IELTS tgl 29 nya, dan mu superboii keliatannya males. Eeeh ternyata dia malah ngasi ituuu !! Wawaawwwww!! Makasiiiii sayaaaannggg.. *smooch*