Thursday, September 20, 2007

killing the time.

hehe, i have lots of things to do though.. i haven't finish my tute excercise which is due tomorrow, i haven't touched my advertising project, and i haven't started working on my presentation for the week after tuition free week.

so what do i do now? i'm waayy more interested in blogging than working on my homeworks. why do i like blogging so much i don't mind spending hours watching the screen and punching the keyboard? i don't know.. i'm quite wondering myself because all i know is, i'm not good at writing.. i always find it hard to express my feeling with words, to create something that can be enjoyed by the readers..

maybe i should start with letting you to get to know me better. well.. i don't know how to start. okay, my name is dita. i'm so lucky to have a wonderful family, beautiful friends and a lovable boyfriend. i have one brother, a year younger than me, whose currently living in brisbane. i miss him very very much cause we haven't met for more than a half year ! and it will take another 1 year for us to meet, i guess *sigh*.. back to the old days, we were always fighting and arguing when we were kids.. we fought over something silly, and argued over anything stupid and not worth arguing at all.. haha, and i have to admit that i hated him very much! but not now.. now i really missed himmm..

my parents are living in jakarta now and i can't imagine how lonely they have been since me and my brother went study overseas. aah i miss you both mum, dad.. i'll be there in months, just wait, okay??

and i have this lovable bf for 1,5 year (including 2 months of breaking up, hehe).its not that we're having an on-off relationship, just there was a point when he didn't think we're having a 'healthy' relationship.. so we broke up. and now we start it all over again.. i'm happily attach to him, i must say :) but i won't expect too much from this anymore. just see what's gonna happen next..

emm, i don't really get a long well with new people. i don't know why i always feel awkward to abe around them.. maybe that's why i don't have so many friends. its not that i don't want to make friends with new people, it just takes time for me to really show them who i really am *cieee..* but its truuee..

gotta go to work now, byee...

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