Sunday, September 23, 2007


Curtin has been very nice by letting us have a tuition free week - a week free from classes and lectures, yay ! we have heaps of assignments which due after the break, though.. so i guess this week i'll have one or two group meetings and have to finish some part of my assignments..

However, me and dede has planned many things to do during the break, hoho. We gotta go to Toys R Us (see how childish he is? hehehe..), Hoyts cinema to watch 2 movies at least, Ikea (maybe), breaking our fast with potuguese chicken from Charcoal Chicken, and he's gonna be a plumber for a while to set-up the toilet shower in my house..

And for next week, i think i really wanna go to Perth Royal Show since Indonesia is being the guest nation for this annual event. I wanna know what are they going to promote about Indonesian, and am very excited to watch Guruh Soekarno Putra's dancer team to perform our traditional dance.. Plus, i've never been to PRS before.

What am I gonna do now? I have to prepare my presentation about Wesfarmers, searching on Australian hospitality industry background, doing advertising project, and so on.. heheeee.. menyebalkaaann...


Mira said...

HAPPY SPRING BREAK DITAAA!! Haha gw juga akhirnya ada break after 9 whole weeks without! My uni has a totally twisted mind, don't you think?! But anyhow, at least I've got a week now, so.. Can't really whine too much about it.

Dita Dita Ditaa.. Gw di Perth udah 5 taon (sampe uda hengkang) masi blom pernah ke Royal Show loh. Hihih.. Parah yaa?? Tapi emang never really wanted to sih. Besides I heard that it's quite a rip-off cos you pay for the entry as well as the rides. Cuma I guess skali2 ngga papa yah :P Disini juga ada MRS nih, tapi I don't know if I'm going to go. Maybe kalo temen2 pada pergi then I'll go..

crunchy said...

MIRAAAA come back here soonnn!!!
ya abisnya penasaran bangett miirr sama royal show.. i don't mind spending my $$ on the entry fee, but definitely not for the rides! hehe g brani sih kayaknya..

ini bukan spring break aahh.. curtin gitu looh. free week doankk.. kl pake spring break mungkin liburnya bisa jadi dobel 2 minggu! huehehehe..

kapan ke perth? ngopi lagi yuukk di cafe apatuhnamanya, yg slogan nya 'where coffee and conversation collide', hohoh..

Mira said...

HAHAHA iyaaa yang gw nyetir lalu ada tempat parkir percis didepannya sono lalu malah gw ke arah gelare.. lalu kita musti jalan jaoh gitu.. bego bener.

Ntar Dit, tgl 4 gw ke Perth hihi.. Tapi kalian lagi study week :( Semoga saya ngga mengganggu2 amat haha.. Eh tadi gw teh mo ngomong apa ya.. OH!! Hihihi akhirnya tadi gw bikin tahu telor Ditaaa!! Ahh lega gitu rasanya abis makan hahahaha..

Btw itu rainbownya keren sekaliiii :D :D :D