Monday, April 28, 2008

Barbecued chicken, anyone?

Hehe just wanna share some stories from work. Me and Wendy are currently working at Red Rooster Rivervale as a cashier! Back then when I was 6-7 years old, I'd dreamed of being a cashier coz I thought they had lots of money so I could buy as much toys as I could. Haha stupid me, heh.

We work 3 days a week. Umm, what more can I say.. Owh, apparently being a cashier is not as easy as I thought. Especially when it comes to times when I have to deal with drive-thru customers. They're so-so grumpy! They want everything to be ready in less than 5 minutes while it takes 10 minutes for the kitchen-hand to cook the chips. And you know, their australian-heavy-accent sometimes drive me crazyyy. But its okay, I received less complain today. Hehehe..

To cut the long story short, I love this job =D

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Proquest 2000.

Whats going on with Proquest?
Why is it not working when I need it the most??
Whhyyyyy oh whyyyy?

My assignment is due next week and I can't find any journal yet.


ps. sorry for allowing myself to write some trash for this past few postings.
i just couldn't help it.

Friday, April 25, 2008

FB Chat.

Enaknyaaa bisa chatting di Facebook ;)

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Boseeennnnn banget.

Sendirian di rmh enaknya ngapain ya?
Tadi siang pas lg sendirian, gw main2an make up.
Trus keliling2 rumah selonjoran di depan tv sambil dandan.

Mulai sorean, gw udh mulai bosen.
Untung aja wendy cepet pulang, trus gw diajak makan es krim deh.
Tp sekarang dia udh pergi lagi, jd gw sendirian lagi.

Enaknya ngapain doongg. Mau ntn dvd komedi jg males kl ketawa2 sendiri.
Apa perlu gw menjamah make up gw lagi?
Nggamauu, i wanna let my skin breath.

Besok pagi kerja, berangkat jam 9an. Bangun jam 8.15.
45 menit sempet nggak ya buat mandi & sarapan?
Bgn jam 8 aja deh kl gitu.
Musti tidur cepet nih.
Rasanya gw pengen kerja smp mlm aja sekalian, biar ga di rmh terus.

Tadinya bsk mau latenite.
Superboii udh berbaik hati utk menemani gw nyari sweater.
Eeeehh gw baru inget kl bsk Anzac Day.
City tutuppp!
Gajadi latenite deh..
Jadinya kita dinner di rmh saja.
Aku masakin udang mayones ya sayaang.. :D

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hey you..

Dear my friend,

While I'm busy whining over my drama-less life, you're over there struggling to stand still.
While I'm surrounded by my loved-ones, you're there all by yourself.
You might think your probs would never come to an end.
Well, just remember that 'time heals all wounds'.
If only I could share my happiness and take some weight off your shoulder, trust me I would.
You can turn to me whenever you need someone to talk to.
We're just a phone call away, my friend :)


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Drama rama..

My life seems flat, with same people, same activity... everyday! Nothing new. Nothing challenging. No dilemmas. I want dramaa. I want drama in my life!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Perth Waterfront.

This is how The City of Perth will look like (at night) in the next decades. The project was named Perth Waterfront, where they centralize the CBD and tourism attraction at the riverside. The construction will begin in 2011.

Click here for more info.

ps: I'm so glad to find that the Bell Tower is still there :)

Friday, April 18, 2008


I miss my Jare.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Life Coach.

Time had proved to be an excellent healer...

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I miss you...


later on sms..
him : km kangen syp?
me : kamuuuuu.. kita kan udh 3 harian g ketemu yank.
him: hahaha. 3 hari aja lama ya buat km? hmm, ya udh bsk aku ke rmh..
me : asiikkk!

hehehe. pacarku baik yaa. di tengah2 stres belajar buat midtest dia msh mau2nya nyempetin ke rmh cuma karena gw kangen. jangan2 gw egois... tp ah yasudahlah, yg jelas gw senangg :)

jadi selama ini kata saktinya cuma satu: kangen.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Perfect Life.

For these past few days, I've been thinking of how lucky I am to live in such a perfect life. Perfect does not mean flawless to me, though. I called it 'perfect' simply because I'm so easily in love with everything in it :)

Here are some facts of my life:

  • I must admit that I am not considered as 'smart' student at school or uni. I've never shown an outstanding performance in my study, even though I tried my best. But hey, its not so bad. Am about to graduate soon and it means that I am able to complete my bachelor degree in less than 3 years. Hmm, sounds good to me..
  • My family. My parents and my younger brother are my angels. They're not always there for me (as we live at different part of the world), but all these times, they've been my greatest supporter. The value we share in this family can never be shown in words, let alone the love and prayers we share for one-another.
  • For me, having a boyfriend like Aditya Surya (wew) is a super bless. He and my close friends are like my family here. More than a boyfriend, he is indeed my bestfriend. The one I can tell everything to. The one who knows me more than I do. To cut the long story short, he is more than a boyfriend and a friend. Once in a while, we still have the fight, though.. But yeah, sometimes its kinda fun, you know.. hehehe..
  • Perfect friends I have are so helping me going through the rough times.
  • I am healthy. And so are my loved ones. We're all happened to be born physically perfect as a human.
  • I get a chance to experience living overseas.
  • I've never been literally broke. I mean, I'm not working and not earn my own money yet, so financially, I am fully rely on my parents allowance and Alhamdulillah they can afford all my monthly expenses.
  • And so many other facts that can't be explained one-by-one. But trust me, there are billions of other things that makes me feel so blessed...
I don't mean to showing off my luckiness or whatsoever, really. Its just, writing it all down helps to remind myself to stop whining about itsy-bitsy stuff. .

Well as a young girl, I still have lots of dreams. A lot of goals I want to accomplish. Dan Alhamdulillah gw masih sehat. Alhamdulillah gw masih punya banyak kesempatan untuk melanjutkan mimpi2 gw, dan masih punya kesempatan untuk meraihnya. Tanpa kurang suatu apapun. Alhamdulillah.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Assignment Party.

Tadi pagi, kelas dimulai jam 8.30 (business capstone).
Selesai kelas kira2 jam 11.20.
*Dari jam 8.30 smp 11.20 nggak ada break.

Abis kelas, laper, beli kebab, makan di Tavern.
Selesai makan (jam 12.00) langsung menuju 408 buat seminar PR 393.
Seminar selesai jam 1.30.
Langsung ke Abacus Lab.

Jam 2 mulai group meeting.
Eh kedinginan. Kirain hari ini bakal panas, jd gw pake baju tipis. Ternyata dingin..
Trus superboii dateng bawain sweater :)
Group meeting selesai jam 8 malem.
Abis itu haha-hihi dll, sampe rumah jam 9.

Ampuunn, capeknya!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Grab grabb.

Just grabbed this pic from Jerz :)
This was taken after Maroon 5's gig on March 28.
I look fat, huh?

Saturday, April 5, 2008


We went to the cinema to watch Vantage Point yesterday. I like it :)
He picked me up at 3, and we went to Coles Park Centre to buy sugar and prawn (gw mau bikin udang goreng mayonaise). And we're heading to Bintang straight away to have lunch before finally go to Carousel. Surprisingly, there was a very long queue at the locket. Usually the cinemas are full on Tuesday where they cut the ticket price by $3.50 (kayaknya..). Then why on earth did lots of ppl meet up there on Saturday nite,? Heehe.. gw egois aja maunya tuh bioskop sepi biar ngantri tiketnya cepet.

Done with the movie, he took me to Farrell's Cafe to treat me with a jumbo slice of cheescake and a cup of flat white. Nyumm! Thank youuu, babyyy.. Me love you. Hihihihi..

And today, me and my housemates are going to Abacus Lab to finish our assignment. I'm so excited that this assignment is almost done so I can work on my other ones. I hope I can actually finish it by tonite.

Annddd... I'm having a job interview tomorrow. Wish me luck :)

Currently listening to: Hellogoodbye - Baby Its Fact.

Back on Track !

Hahahaha... I've successfully restarted my frozen iPod :)
Simple steps I followed: hold the menu + select button for approx. 10 sec.
And voila! Its working !!

Click here for more info.

Thank God. Ooh my dear iPod please don't you ever dare giving me another heart attack like you just did.

No more swearing. All laugh. Mwahahahah..

iPod-ku.. :(

I'm so terribly sad. My beloved iPod Classic has just suddenly broke down. Hang. Not responding, although its NOT on hold mode. What happened? I didn't do anything wrong. I always handle it with care. And the worst part is, I saved all my uni stuff in there. Another worst part is, its a birthday present from my parents last January. But my happiness is short-lived as an unexplainable error occur.

sorry to say. but its so..
fucking shit

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Today's Story.

Lagi pengen nulis sesuatu nih rasanya. Soalnya gw suka ngoceh tp sekarang lagi nggak ada temen ngobrol... Oang rumah udh pada tidur. Di MSN juga ga ada yg online. Ada siih, tp yg bener2 bisa diajak ngobrol hampir ga ada :(

Sepiiii deh. Eh tadi gw ke Centro Galleria di Morley.. Baru pertama kali kesana, enak juga tempatnya. Oke lah buat refreshing dari Carousel dan City. Hehehe. Gw kesana bertiga bareng Wendy & Jon. Yaah seperti biasa gw jadi lalet. Selalu ada di tengah2 orang pacaran, padahal kayaknya gw sendiri jarang banget deh pacaran pergi2 gitu. Tapi gapapa lah yaa daripada gw sendirian di rumah manyun ya mendingan ikut. Mana tadi sore jg mood gw lg nggak enak banget, bisa makin down gw kl sendirian di rmh.

Morley tuh katanya Wendy sih ga terlalu jauh, pokonya di atasnya city gitu lah. Baah, padahallll kesananya musti lewat Great Estern Highway, lanjut ke Tonkin Highway. Deket apaan weeennn, musti lewatin 2 jalan tol gitu lho! Tp cepet juga sih perjalanan kesana cuma sekitar 30 menit, udh termasuk macetnya karena tadi itu pas jam pulang kantor.

Standard mall disini lah ya isinya sama aja. Tapi asik deh tadi gw dapet 2 baju, lagi pada sale. Salah satu bajunya seharga $5 sajaa.. I dont mind being cheap when it comes to clothing matter. Hehehe. Trus abis beli baju ya jalan2 muter2. Kasian juga si Jon disuruh nemenin keluar masuk toko baju cw, lengkap dengan nungguin kita coba macem2 baju di fitting room. Dan nggak ngomel atau ngeluh sedikitpun. Hahah. Salut deh. Jarang2 cowo bisa begitu. In return, kita temenin dia browsing baju2 di Myer. Tapi teteepp, coba dibayangkan deh posisi gw yg jadi laler jalannya ngekor di belakang mereka gitu. Hiiyyy...

Tadi sempet chatting sama Mendi, dia minta ditemenin ke city besok siang abis kelas. Mau nyari celana sih katanya. Untung aja bsk gw ga ada kelas. Jadi mungkin bisa menemani.. Mungkin lhoo ya meenn... hehehe. Abis dari city gatau deh blm ada rencana lagi. Mungkin gw mau ngerjain sebagian assignment PR, soalnya udh rencana mau ngerjain sebagian lagi di Abacus hari minggu nanti bareng Wendy.

Teruuusss, hari sabtunya pagi2 jam 10 kita mau ke city ngeliat another Career Fair di Perth Convention Centre (PCC). Udah saatnya kan kita ini mencari job. Naah abis dari situu, sorenya mau nonton Vantage Point sama pacarku sayang :)

Udah lamaaaaa banget gw nggak ntn. Dan pas week break kmrn, kita udh ngerencanain ntn dari jauh2 hari, dan gw udh semangat abis2an tuh. Eeeh gajadi karena sesuatu hal. Awas aja nih kl sabtu gajadi lagi. Bisa emosi jiwa deh gw..

Yaudah, itu aja dulu. Sebetulnya masih mau cerita2 tapi udh nggak ada bahan. Gimana dong..

ps. presentasi tadi siang kata tutornya "well done" lhoo. Cuma itu aja yg bikin gw seneng hari ini.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Aneh. But me somehow like itt ;)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Baby, I'm sorry.
I'm so terribly sorry.
Please forgive me.
And stop ignoring me.