Sunday, October 12, 2008


The List of Things That Makes Me Feel Awful:

  • Meeting double-faced people, you can also call them backstabber, whichever more convenient for you. Whether you realize it or not, we ALL have met this kind of person in life.
  • Paid a friggin 75 bucks for a lousy haircut.
  • Being jobless. I don't have to explain why, it's just.... not easy being jobless. Oh thank God I have a temp job for now.
  • Say something hurtful to my loved ones.
  • Trapped in a conversation I never had intention of getting involved in. You know what I mean.
  • Logged on to my FB the whole day. It's like... I show the whole world that I don't have a life. Haha.
  • Getting involve in a tough argument. Oh that sucks, simply because I'm not a good it. I would prefer to do such thing in writing.
  • When my house is in such a mess. I live in a really small house here, with 4 girls living together in it, you can imagine how messy it could be.
  • Ironing.
  • Bugging my parents for something I CAN live without (i.e ipod, leather handbag, etc).
  • When I can't stop complaining about itsy bitsy stuff, while I actually already have more than enough.
  • Summer in Perth, when it reach 40 degrees.
  • Again, get a lousy haircut, yet I have to pay for it.


mendi said...

tapi ya dit, when someone knows that you logged on to fb the whole day, that means they did the same thing as well, hahahaha (berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi)

Andita Vernada said...

jadi intinya, si ansos berteman dengan si ansos? hakhak..

DwD said...

i know how you feel about getting in a tough argument because like you, i'm sucks at arguing with people, too :(

semuasayanganna said...

anditaa.. aku meng-add plurk mu.. hehehe

Andita Vernada said...

annaaa,, tp aku tidak tahu cara bermain plurk.. ajariinn..