Sunday, October 5, 2008


Things I have PLANNED to do this weekend:

  • Iron my clothes.
  • Creambath, scrub my foot and so on..
  • Clean up my room.
  • Vacuuming living room.
Only one hour left (it's Sunday 11pm), and I haven't done any of those. Haha lazy dong yaah. Me and superboii had lunch together and we rent some DVDs. Oh, and we also went to IGA to buy a pack of smoked cheese. I tried it yesterday at Royal Show's free tasting dairy product (I hope none of their products use chinese milk which contain melamine), and it was DELICOUS. The best cheese I've ever tried! I thought smoked cheese was like some kind of innovation in cheese industry, until superboii told me that it's been in the market for ages. Ouch.

Anyway, the cheese I bought at IGA doesn't taste as good as the one I tried yesterday. Make sense for me, because Royal Show's cheese was sold at 20 bucks, and the IGA's one only cost me around 2 bucks. Hehe. Price comes with quality.

As for tomorrow, I'm working from 10-5.30. Yeah. No more boring days.

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