Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How I See a Life.

Most of the things in life are not always turns out as we wanted.
People around us are not always acts as we want them to be.
(But that doesn't mean they're not nice)

Sometimes, we feel offended by others, but never think that we offend them.
And sometimes, it's better to just SHUT UP and LISTEN.

Not to be judgemental,
But if I were those who can't stop complaining about itsy-bitsy-little-tiny things...

There I finally say it !


missicality said...

hahahah i hope this is not about me (since my last few entries are simply bitchrant-filled :P)

Andita Vernada said...

nope darling.. this one is about a guy (i don't even know his real name)yang blog nya nggak sengaja gw temukan kemaren pas lg blogwalking. hahaha, jahat ya gw, kenal juga enggak, tp sok2 nyindir dia di blog gw xP

lagipula mir, kl gw ga suka elo bitching around mah gw langsung bilang "that's life lah yaa miiirrr".. hahaa..