Friday, May 30, 2008

Story of a Last-Minute Person.

Done with PR final report (with a generous help by missicality), I am now preparing the Business Capstone presentation. Helloo, we're going to present our company's strategy next week in the middle of study week *sigh*.. But its okay, its really fine by me, I enjoy it actually.. *finger crossed*. Haha.

Yesterday when I did the finishing touch for PR final report at uni, I got unlucky many-many times. Its like I did too many stupid mistakes, and the fact that I always being clumsy when I got struck by a panic attack does not help at all. Me and wendy even almost got stuck in the elevator. Uh, just not my day, I guess. But seriously, when I did the multiple-stupid-mistakes and experienced too many bad-lucks, I really felt like I was doing scenes for Dono Kasino Indro the movie.. Now you can imagine how was my day like, can you? Hehehhe. The lesson to learn here is: DON'T BE A LAST-MINUTE PERSON.

And now the only thing I need is my 8-hours beauty sleep :P
Happy Weekend, everyone !!

Again, Thank You Mira Pangkey =D


Mira said...

it's no problem at all sweetie ;)

DwD said...

i agree, but still i always end up doing my work at the last-minute :p

Andita Vernada said...

ahahaha.. yeah me too.. can't resist to not-doing-everything-at-the-last-minute.. yg nggak last minute buat gw cuma ngeblog, hahah parraahhh..

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