Saturday, May 24, 2008

Next Plan.

I'm going back to Jakarta next month! I'm not sure if I have to be happy or what. Cause honestly, the only two reasons why I decided to go back are: I have a return ticket valid until December 2008 (and I won't be able to go back home after June), and I want to see my parents. Its been a while, yeah.. Truth be told, its kinda boring to spend the whole 4 weeks in Jakarta. Here, I can go anywhere I want, with whoever I want, anytime. NO CURFEW.

In Jkt, I have to get permission for this and that, not allowed to go out until late, always have my driver waiting for me if i wanna go shopping and meeting friends. Uugh. Thats boooorrriinnggg. And I can't drive there cause I can't stand the traffic. Plus, I'd rather spend a lot of (my parents') money in there, while I can earn some money here during the holiday. Regarding to economic theory, it called Opportunity Cost. Hehehehe..

My brother will be working in Melbourne this August. So I probably will visit him on around September. Yeay! I love Melbourne! Gonna meet Mira and Emon there! Hehehe.. Hopefully my parents will allow me to go..

Next plan, I need to get a job. I mean, a SERIOUS full time job. And that's not easy, at all. So I guess I'll try my best. I have to. Not only try to find a suitable job for me, but also try to be able to stepping outside my comfort zone.

2008 is like a tipping point for me. From student to career woman (i wish!), from spending money on education to earning money to support my own life. Ooh what a huge difference! But as Ryan says, "you gotta have to try! don't be spoiled!". Yeah he's right ;P


DwD said...

bener bangetttt! kadang yang bikin males balik ke jakarta kaya gini nih. tapi kadang rasa ingin balik ngalahin rasa ga ingin baliknya hehehe.

Mira said...

Oooh!! Really??? September?? Yaayy!!

Andita Vernada said...

dwd: yesss.. jadinya: DILEMA. hahaha.. setiap mau balik ke jakarta pasti deh ada dilema nya..

mira: yessssss buu.. nanti gw main2 ke tmpt lu ya miirr.. trus, foto2! yay!