Monday, May 12, 2008

God Please Stop the Rain..

I was in the middle of my assignment, when I heard the rain drops outside. Then it was getting heavier and heavier. Its getting cold, too. So I turned on my heater, and felt the warmth crawling up from my feet to my hands. "Hmm, it feels so good," I thought.

Without any purpose, I was peeking out of my window, just to see how heavy the rain was. And then I spotted a guy walking slowly on the sidewalk of the main road. He was tall, skinny, wearing a light jacket. With no umbrella, no raincoat. And even from the distance, I could see him shaking, cold. Oh my God.. I was stunned.

I was somehow feel so sad. I imagined, what if my dad, my brother, or my boyfriend was that guy? Well, this guy probably just unlucky not to bring his umbrella or raincoat when its needed. But imagining my loved ones being him, walking alone in the middle of the rain, in the middle of the night.. I don't know.. I can't describe how I felt.. I literally felt a huge pressure on my chest.

So I kept watching this guy. He stopped walking. And suddenly turned his head to me, looking at me. Or maybe I thought he was looking at me (we were like.. 100 meters away). So I smiled. Not smiled at him, I just smiled I don't even know why.

And then the rain stopped. Just like that. STOPPED.

Thank God..


Mira said...

Aww that's a beautiful story hun!!

Adi said...

Ditaaaaa. Itu gw!! Nggak lah jk.

What a story, Dit :)

Andita Vernada said...

lho? pantesan tinggi kurus. elu toh di? wahahaha..

thank you thank you :)

MD said...

Entah kenapa gua terkesan sekali membacanya.. =]

Andita Vernada said...

iya gw jg terkesan loh may sama kejadian itu..