Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This is the sequence of my expression when I was doing my Reflections Paper for Business Capstone. I myself have no idea about what i wrote in my paper! Haha! It worths 20%, due this morning, and I was started to doing it last night (just few hours before its due). Laazzzyyyyy...

Anyway, I was all-smiled this morning because...... (insert dramatic drum roll here)..... our Capstone group got the highest mark in class! We got full mark! 35 out of 35 !! YEAYYYY. I did not contribute as much as my group mates did, though.. But this one's probably the highest group achievement for all my life... Err, or maybe its just me being over-reacted, heee..

Current activity: Finishing touch PR 393 Report.
Current mood : HAPPY.


MD said...

Ditaaaaa..! Lucu banget!! Idenya asik!

Cie Dita and group got highest mark euy.. gua juga mau ah nanti..

Sekali lagi: lucu buanget!

Adi said...

Wah selamat dit!!! Terus fotonya juga bagus hehehehe.

Andita Vernada said...

ahahahha makasii maayy, diii.. judulnya sih udh sok2 stres ya, tp msh sempet loh foto2.. hahaha