Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Wedding of My Dream.

Inspired by Lunatic Principessa's 10 Things I Will Prepare for My Wedding Day.

1. The Groom. Must be the one who can act as both my lover, and my bestfriend.

2. The Venue. A medium grand ballroom, decorated with dominant colour of white and gold. I'm not into garden party when it comes to wedding reception.

3. Timing. Anytime, as long as all of our loved ones can attend the wedding reception. Even though I am a truly Javanese, I don't want to be bothered with Siraman or Pingitan tradition. All I want is Wedding Prayer (pengajian) and Midodareni Night which will be held on the day before the reception. The Wedding Matrimony (akad nikah) and the reception will be held on the same day =D

4. The Speech. Call me cheesy but I love this phrase below:

  • "Today, I marry my bestfriend. The one I have laughed with and cried with. The one I have chosen to support, encourage, and give myself to, through all the days given to us to share. Today I marry the one I love."
  • "Today, I will mary my bestfriend. The one I will always turn to. Confide and be strong. In my friend and my lover."
5. The Guests. Sure it would be the Harpers and Lawsons, and the bride's and groom's bestfriends from kindy to college. Also, the Subandrio family :)

6. The Song. TWO WORDS by Lea Salonga, for sure !

7. The Gown. A stunning traditional broken-white Kebaya. For the bridesmaids, it would be a soft-pink-coloured kebaya. Hey I want them to look good too.. :)

8. The Photographer. Merwin from Moreno & Co Photography.

9. The Food. Mix of Indian and European. And Fish and Chips, maybe? Hehe.


meishya said...

waaaaaaaaaw, bagus-bagus udah kepikirin dari sekarang...
moga-moga terwujud ya the wedding of ur dreamnya and jangan lupa undang gw ya :P

Andita Vernada said...

pasti doong meik.. hihii, tp kl gw msh lama bgt meik, kl dirimu kan sedang mempersiapkan.. ga sabar liat foto2nya deh meik..