Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dear Am.

Hey my Am.
How are you? Where are you?
Is it just me, or you're really hiding from all of us?
I don't know what happen to you.
I don't know how your new life's been treating you.
I don't know if everything's okay.

Because I've never heard from you since last month.

The only thing I know is that you are in deep regret.
The only thing you wish every night is to be able to turn back time, which is impossible.
You've done the wrong thing, you've made the wrong move.
But maybe... you've made the right decision. Based on the wrong reasons.

I just hope that everything's on the right track.
I hope you could say "Yes" when I ask "Are you happy?"
But if you're not happy, tell me why. Let it all out.
Because you know I will always be there for you to listen.
And you can't lie to me, darling.
You can't lie to me.


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