Thursday, September 4, 2008

3:15 am

Just finished my sahur.. My tummy is full of creamy potato (yes, I eat creamy potato in 4 days in a row. and i still have one slice left for tomorrow), satay chicken, and 3 full-glass of water. I texted my bf goodnite, but now I can't sleep because I'm too full :P

By the way, I'm not that mellow anymore. You know, about my jobless condition. As I re-read my previous post, I realized that I may have been too afraid about my situation, in most annoyingly kind a way. And that's just so not me.

Although I don't know where my mind is travelling, I can feel myself attached. One well-connected cell in the greater organism of a perfect world, and it all work the way it should. If you feel the same about yourself, then good on you. We should be thankful for that.



MD said...

Dit,mgkn sebentar lg gua yg akan complain bcs..i hate my job :( i feel so BAD and SAD u knooo...gua yakin lo ngerti krn lo jg pernah complain ttg kerjaan kan he3x..jd pgn curhat Dit..

DwD said...

wah baguslah klo udah ga mellow lagi :)

Andita Vernada said...

hayuk lah may, online dong..
iya dwd, masih mellow sih tp yasudahlah yaa mellow juga nggak merubah keadaan kan.. hehehehe...