Monday, September 8, 2008

Introducing, My Baby Girl.

Facebook came out with this addictively cute application called "Make A Baby", where you can create your imaginary (or virtual?).... baby. I gave it a try, created a baby girl called Aisya Nabella. Happy, cute, chubby, and smiley she is.

This game reminds me of Tamagochi. Remember the thrill you felt when you heard your little-egg-shaped-gadget beeping? It's either your time to feed it, or clean up its poopy, or bring it to the vet when it got sick. Make A Baby is not far different from that, except that you have to go online to see your baby, and there's no alert like beeping sound that Tamagochi had.

What I do with my Baby Aisya is breast-feed her, take her to a walk on a stroller, change her diaper, shop for her clothing, baby food, and her entertainment like taking her to a circus show or kids cruise, etc etc. Its fun, really ! I think I already have a mother instinct growing inside me!

And well, maybe its weird, but I feel like I'm bonding with my baby and I really really LOVE her. Haha. Am I being insane or what, I don't know. I check on her like 4 times a day, change her outfit everyday, and become worried when I see her health rate drops. I'm starting to understand her personality too. She prefers to go to a kids' gym class than to a circus show. She hates hot cocoa and herbal tea, but loves veggie puree. Her favourite sncak is mango sliced.. Aaw I miss her already!

Seriously, I need to have a real baby soon :P


asipoflatte said...

ya ampun ditt, sedih banget sih,

MD said...

Hahahahahhahaahah lucu banget lo Dittt.. bukan ngetawain, lucu aja sama cara lo mengekspresikannya.

Gua juga pernah bikin Dit,namanya baby Blurp. Awalnya rajin gua cocolin cucu, ganti baju, dll, tapi lama2 bosen. Boxnya gua removed, eee tau-tau dapet notification udah diadopsi..

Tapi gua masih mainan tamagochi loh Dit, taun lalu baru beli yang terbarunya..

Andita Vernada said...

ya amplop may! Tamagochiiii?? Model terbarunya ngerawat apaan? Masih hewan2 aneh apa bayi? Hihihi bikin lagi dong may, nanti gw jadiin friends anak gw.. kasian tuh bayi gw ga punya temen main.. hihi..

MD said...

Masih makhluk2 aneh gitu sih Dit.. tapi sekarang udah dinamain xxx-gochi. Gitu kalo ngga salah (manual booknya ilang sih). Sekarang kalo udah gede bisa jadi dokter, dll. Tapi yang gua sebel, tiap umurnya 20 pasti jadi nenek2 gitu mukanya. Entah gua salah urus ato gimana.

Baby Blurpnya udah ketemu Dit. Udah gua add baby Aisya-nya. Kok mirip Suri Cruise yah?

Andita Vernada said...

asik anakku punya temen! akhirnyaaa... masa' sih mirip? hahaha apa karena gw mirip katie holmes yah?

MD said...

Buset.. ngga gitu juga sih Dit.. lol.. Asik2 anak kita temenan..

Anonymous said...

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