Monday, March 17, 2008

What a relieve !

I finally quit my job! Hahaha.. Somehow i feel so relieved. I dont really like the job, soo.. Can you imagine, i have to wake up early at 6 in the morning, and got home at about 7 pm. What do I do the whole day? Standing in the shopping mall asking people to chip in something small just like a dollar a day for as long as they can, starts in five weeks time (yeah i memorized it !) to help victims of disaster around the world.

I dont mind doing that, really. If I had to wake up at 6 and got home at 7, but spend my whole day in the office with computer and a proper desk, I'd love to ! But this... *sigh*

The main problem is, the money's so not good. My pay was fully based on commission, so.. Yes you're right! If I didn't make any sales, then I would go home empty-handed (meaning: broke. haha!).

The people i worked with was incredibly helpful and friendly, though.. I think they're the right person to do this kind of thing, but I'm not. Plus, i found a clash between my job and my study. So at the 4th day working, I decided to quit. You might think "why so soon? Its been only 4 days..". Well, you have to feel it yourself then you'll understand how could I possibly came up to that decision, so quickly.. :)

Truth be told, I enjoyed my new daily routines: wake up early-meeting new people-make fun of people with Han-dressing up like a career lady-go home and cook dinner-have a long chit chat with my bf and housemates-go to sleep at 10. But its so not worth it.

As for now, I would really enjoy my jobless time. I can hang around wherever and whenever I want, and most importantly, I dont have to feel guilty for annoying people in the shopping malls. I know I annoyed them, really. Hahaha..

I'm just not the right person for this job, I guess. But I'm happy for the experience I got from there, and not regretting any of those: applying for the job and/or decided to quit.


Mira said...

woohoo!! *claps*
Good on you Dita - I still don't have the guts to tell my company I'm quitting. I don't know how to.

Gila ya masa last night my manager texted me saying "Meet the channel mgr tomorrow morning at 8, you can go on a one-day road trip, leave in the morning and return at night. MAKE THE MOST OF IT". Seriously. WHA?!

I never listed Wednesday as my working day - in fact, Wednesday is my full-day of uni. *sigh* Ya tapi gw sms balik aja, sorry yak, kaga bisa kerja kalee.. gw ada uni geto loh. XD

I seriously have to quit. Because otherwise I'd die.

crunchy said...

oiya mir, gw lupa mention bahwa keberanian gw utk quit jg muncul after our long chat soal ini mirr.. makasiii mira =D

udah mir, saran gw, quit aja... mwahahahahah...

Mira said...

hahaha that's great :D i think i'll tell them next week.. gw ngomong ke field manager gw aja kali ya.. masalahnya channel manager gw tau gw jg sih.. hayah.. pusing

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