Sunday, March 30, 2008


Favorites on my playlist:

  • Someone to Save You (One Republic)
  • Especially for You (MYMP)
  • Baby, Its Fact (Hellogoodbye)
  • Stop and Stare (One Republic)
  • Cosy in the Rocket (PSAPP)
  • Like A Star (Corrine Bailey Rae)
Puts Me to Sleep:
  • the all time favorite: Lets Fall in Love (John Stevens ft Erika Christensen)
  • Everything (Michael Buble)
  • A Thousand Tales (Afternoon Accidental)
  • My Heart is Full (Yukie Nishimura)
  • Miss You (MYMP)
  • It Had to be You (John Stevens)
  • Caught Up in Your Love (Ari Hest)


Adi said...

Dit, everything michael buble kan dukcekdukcek, kok lu bisa tidur sih dengernya?

crunchy said...

bisa dong, kan volume nya dikecilin banget.. jadi cuma geli2 di kuping doang, mwihihihi..