Sunday, March 30, 2008


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Thx to Mr Adi Hariya for his generous help ;)

Btw, I had a wonderful day today. Had lunch at Sizzler with Jon the birthday boy, Wendy, Adi, Odri, Eveline, Mandy, Gavin, and some of Jon's cousins. Sizzler has this tasty-yummy-huge sized of Seafood Platter Supreme, which I adore and combine it with the creamy-buttery mashed potato just simply make it unbeatable ! Hahaha..

I really ate too much. I had a plate of salad, almost a full plate of fish, prawn and squid, a glass of soda, and a cup of warm white chocolate cake topped with chocolate ice cream. Nyum! And I think my tummy will remain full until... days after tomorrow! Hehehehe..

Thank you for the lunch, Jon!! We wish you a happy birthday and bright future :)


Adi said...

Buset dit, gw kaga makan malem lo.
Cuma ngemil kripik padang (ada gambar rumah gadang di bungkusnya) yang kayak pake ganja.

crunchy said...

buset. itu sih.. kl gw yg makan bisa abis tuh satu kantong dalam 2 jam! hikk...