Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What Women Do for the Sake of "Beauty"

Goossshhhh. Apparently being a "real" woman is not easy. There are times when we don't care about how we look, and people will go "iih, jadi cewe kok gitu. nggak ngurus diri amat sih..". However, when we're really in the mood of taking care of ourselves and try hard to look good (when I say "look good", that means "do everything to look like Gisele Bundchen".. hehe, kidding..), AND we don't mind to be hurt a bit (waxing our legs, plucking the eye-brows, facial, scrubbing..), THE GUYS WON'T EVEN NOTICE!

Even when I put on some make up, my boyfriend gave me this funny look and asked silly questions like "what did you do to your cheek that makes it look very RED?" or "why did it take hours for you to put those (makeup) thing on? you look weird, honey..", and ended the night with "for next time we go out, you don't have to wear makeup, ok? pleaaseee.."

And trust me, I really didn't put too much make-up on!


So I was thinking, what's the point of doing all of these? But I'm kinda addicted with waxing my legs now, and plucking the eye-brows, hihi. Afterall, I guess we girls do these thing to other girls, instead of to attract the guys.


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