Sunday, June 1, 2008


Iseng2 tadi gw googled Curtin Uni, eeh tiba2 ada link ke yahoo forum, which discussed about a HK girl who found dead in uni at 2-3 am. Jadi inget lagi deh.. The tragedy happened in 16th of November 2006, in the exam week I think. I was terrified when I heard the news, especially because the cause of her death remained mystery; whether she committed suicide by jumping off the building or she was attacked and assaulted while walking alone before met her death.

She was a CIC student, and I felt terrible because she was an international student, like me. Means that she didn't have her family around here, and I couldn't imagine how shocked her parents were when they heard the news. So sad, isn't it?

Few days after the tragedy, curtin uni held a memorial service for her. Curtin, however, never revealed her name or photograph, in respect to the family's privacy. I came to see the scene (which was still got the police line), and found many bouquet from her friends and curtin uni itslef. Apparently the flowers were put there to cover-up the blood mark on the paving. I didn't know if its just me, but I could feel something in there, i was shivered. Huaaaaaa.. Serem serem..

I hope she rest in peace.

*btw, ini iseng abis gw sempet2nya nulis beginian.. mau bikin presentasi capstone, capsim nya gabisa kebuka nihh.. lamaaa..*

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