Thursday, June 5, 2008

I Need Mommy.


I'm not feeling so good, its my third period day and my mood swings like a roller coaster. I really have to start summarising my lect notes right now, but really, I lost my interest in it, let alone try to answer the last semester exam papers.

Sorry, I don't mean to whinning over my period, but not only I lost my interest in everything (exam-related), I also experiencing this period pain, my stomach hurts and I got cramps on my hip. My period doesn't normally hurt so much like this, so what's happening to meee? Hikhikk. If only I could have someone to make me a cup of tea, and put a warm bottle on my tummy.. I need mommyyy.

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blue pankponk said...

I need mommy too... hwaaa T.T let's cry together