Wednesday, June 25, 2008

(Not So) Boring Jakarta - Part 3

I spent the whole afternoon at Plaza Senayan with Maya. We started the 'tour' with browsing some good-quality books at Kinokuniya Bookstore (I end-up with purchasing Hardly Working - somekind of chicklit), and finally sit together at Starbucks just to have a little chit-chat and a sip of coffee. Oooo, I miss Starbucks! The Hazelnut Latte was awesome and I just couldn't get enough of it! Hehehe.. Anyway, this what-so-called 'little chit-chat' lasted for almost 2 hours! Girls oh girls..

We're also walking around the mall just to check out what was on sale at Metro, Sogo and Mango. Not much. I got a cute green blouse from Mango, but was failed to get a plain-white-tee for Wendy. Instead, I could only see plain tees in cream, shocking pink, and shocking yellow! Uh-oh.. Big no-no.

Finally I decided to go home, and as usual, the traffic was terrible. When I got home, daddy was ready with indonesian satay that had been modified into an African Lamb Satay. Hahaha. He asked our maid to took off the satay sticks and mix the meat with onion, salt and garlic on a hot pan. Not bad. Taste good. Ooh I'm stuffed nooww :)


blue pankponk said...

hehehe maap lho merepotkan tapi makasiiii. eh dit dit, di sini ada lho kaos polos mango (btw mangonya gede bgt ky mango indo) tapi harganya 25$ ! hehehe tolong di indo brp yah harganya ?

eh spatu itu aku juga bawa lho ke sydney tapi ga pernah dipake, lbh enak pake boots.

Andita Vernada said...

cieeee yg udh punya boots, langsung deh dipake kemana2.. hahaha. disini cuma 99rb wen, kan lagi sale! Tapi ya mungkin karena sale, warnanya gak lengkap dan sizenya nggak kira2, masa' yg ada tinggal XS, L dan XL. Sebeell..

ntar aku cariin lagi wen! kan aku mau menjelajah mall! hihi, moga2 ketemu yaa..