Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Annual General Meeting.

Hehehe, we had a Business Capstone group presentation this morning, I was soo nervous I couldn't even understand what my speech was about. Hihi. So here are the Board of Directors of Erie Ltd (left-right): Mr. Nirav Solanki (Chief Financial Officer), Ms. Wendy Lumanau (Chief HR Officer), Ms. Andita Sugiatno (Marketing Director), Mr. James Lee (CEO), Ms. Shuyan Liu (Chief Technical Officer), amd Mr. Donny Zhao (Chief of Production).

It's been a pleasure working with these guys :)


blue pankponk said...

Thank you Miss Sugiatno, now i'd like to continue this meeting with ... hahahahaha

Andita Vernada said...

Here I present Ms Lumanau who will further explain our HR strategies.. hihihihi..