Sunday, October 7, 2007


Well its been 3 days since my last post. I'm not sure about what am I gonna type in here, I just feel like blogging now =P

Talking about my weekend, its been fun! On saturday, we (me, dede, haziq, nazmi, hafiz, nataya, faiz, kak kino, hazel, jerz, moon and her sist) went to the Royal Show -again!- for the second round! Hahaha, we just couldn't get enuff fun last time, could we? Happily we were able to see the fireworks more clearly this time. Its BEAUTIFUL, really ! Me love fireworks, as always :)
Ooh and I got the chance to ride on the Bianglala (i'm not sure what is it called) that looks like London Eye (so kak kino called it perth eye, hehe) -see kicir2 picture on my previous post- with dede. It was wonderful to see the whole amusement park with its lights and crowdness from up above. And very romantic, for sure.. Hohoooo..

I also rode on the gravitron. It feels weird. I felt dizzy afterwards. While we were in it, me and kak kin can not stop holding hands and screams "aaaaaaaa....".. Hahhaha. none of us knows exactly how this UFO thing moves, we just knew that it makes us feels berkunang2. Hehehe..

And today, me and dede spent the sunny sunday in the city. We got to buy few things for oursleves and a lebaran present for someone. Dede wanted to buy a pair of jeans. So i accompanied him to Subway DC and helped him ('watching' him, actually xP) choosing which model would fit him best. And then he went to the fitting room to try it on, and I can say that those jeans looks very nice on him.

Somehow I had this urge to try a pair too. I was thinking "I just wondering how it feels to wear it, thats all. I won't buy it anyway.. Its too pricey for me. I won't buy it, I won't buy it". And guess what? Once I put it on, I couldn't take it off! Aaaahh.. The jeans just fit me very well and it feels like it made specially for me -forget about the length-, and I told dede "Deee, aku bisa senam pake celana ini, enak bangeett. gimana niih, jadi pengen beli..".. Oh well. And I ended up buying it. Huhuhuhuuuuu... But no regret. I guess the price is worth the quality and all. Mom, Daaddd, please forgive me for being such a big spender... :[
This is the firs and the last time I promise !

Oh and one more thing, it was very embarassing when I missheard the shopping assistant suggesting me to get the jeans alterated (to shorten the lenghts since I have this very short leg, huhu). She told me to go to Garden City or Karrinyup City, but what I heard was Carillon City! Hwaaa... 'Karrinyup' and 'Carillon' is waaayy too different to be missheard of, you know? What was I thinking??? Huhuhuhu.. I still find it hard to get along with Australian accent. Stupidooo. Hosh.. hosh.. *kesel*

So I guessed I had to cancel my intend on buying a pair of gold-flat-shoes in Sportsgirl. Especially dede didn't think it suit me well, so yeah.. I allocated the budget for the jeans then.

Just a reminder for myself, I have to book a ticket for next month, and yesssssh tomorrow is the beginning of week 9 ! 3 weeks to go to the final exam! So I have to take all my assignments more seriously, no more gaming, no more shopping (except for grocery shopping), no more 10-hours-sleeping! Bye bye FUN..

Overall I'm thankful for having a wonderful weekend =D

p.s: thanks for the teddy bear, Moon ::))

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