Monday, October 8, 2007

Different Kind of People

There are many different kind of people around me. Most of them are nice, while some others are appear to be 'trying hard to be nice'. You know what I mean? Its like every good thing they do is not purely come from their hearts, its only their 'mask' so others can perceive them as a good person. Well maybe its normal, but for me, this kind of people are not very comfortable to be with.

There are also people who take themselves too seriously. Boring, if I may say. Even for not-so-important matters, they usually act very serious with the sharp-sight and serious expression. Is it me the one who is too laid-back, or they're just weird?

Uugghh. I hate to get along with weird people. Anyway, maybe its just me being overly sensitive.

I have to start doing my assignments now.. Week nine, remember?? Hehe..
Hopefully dede will be able to come to accompanying me :\


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