Thursday, October 18, 2007

Three More !

Huaaahh. I finally can have a spare time to start blogging again! Its been... errr... a week? Well I've been quite bussy lately, doing heaps of assignments. Even 2 days ago, I spent 7 hours straight in Abacus lab having 2 meetings ! S-E-V-E-N hours straight without break! I guess I was going to faint when I got home.. And this morning I was having a final meeting for mor than 4 hours. Puhleeeessseee...

Anyway, not much updates for now. Dede finally hooking up with 3 mobile, so we can make many-many phone calls for FREE, yay ! Though it really bothers him that it turned out to take more than 48 hours to activate the number.. *sigh*. Ooh and we watched The Kingdom last nite. It was veerrryyyy good, though its content is full of violence.. But overall its a good movie with an unpredictable ending. Salute for Jamie Foxx !

I think I'm going to take a nap for an hour. I wanna get back to my old habit: being a heavy-sleeper xP

ps: why 'Three More' ? Because I only have 2 more assignments and 1 presentation to do before the final exam, YAY !

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