Friday, November 16, 2007

Saturday 3.15 am

Ah, its 3 am in the morning, sodara2.. And as usual, I don't feel the urge to crash on my bed yet. So i decided to blogging instead of taking pills (pil lelap yg bikin ngantuk itu loh). What am I going to write about, what am I going to write about... *thinking hard*. AHA ! I'll follow mandy's steps on listing her top 10 playlist ah... Eng ing enggg..

1. Lea Salonga - Two Words.
2. OST Beauty and The Beast - Little Town.
3. The Fray - How to Save a Life.
4. Jessica Maubuoy - Night of My Life.
5. Thanks for the Memory, hehehe.
6. Afternoon Accidental - Love Boat.
7-10. You Name It...

hehe turned out it is too hard for me to decide which songs to be placed in chart 7 - 10. No, not because I can hardly choose 3 from many options, but its merely because I don't really keep up with MTV or whatever-they-call-the-music channel-is. Pathetic, huh? And that's what my boyfriend always teasing me about. He said I'm primitive and kuper.. uhukuhuk.. :(


Adi said...


Itu yang Thanks for The Memoriesnya Fall Out Boy ya?

Yang lagu futi (footy)?

amanda said...

oh jadi gitu,,
afternoon accidentalnya nomer 7?? nyolong dari mira juga looo,,, hahahaha,, eh ntar kamis dapet yang udah versi masternya loh,,

crunchy said...

mandy ! seriusaannn???? mau doong masternya! dikirimkan segera ke saya yah! lewat email ato msn geto? oke2?

adiiiii. hahaha iya itu fall out boy. enak yaaa.. *sok emo mode on*

Mira said...

eii.. afternoon accidental masuk yaaa XD whee~!

mendii.. jika anda membaca ini.. saya juga mau masternaaaa T_T

principessa said...

hihihi two words. nyum nyum

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