Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Babbling.

Having a trouble sleeping, like always, I decided to write somehing in here. It's 2.40AM now, and I don't feel the urge to close my eyes for the next 8 hours, yet. And this time, I think I know why. Its because I'm hungry. I'm starving. Uh oh. Well its not the right time for me to eat though. So here I am, just stay on my bed, hoping that this starvation will be gone by itself, in a minute.

Tomorrow's gonna be a little bit fun, I guess. I'll be out to lunch with Mandy at Taka, and continued with a grocery shopping at Woolworths accross the road. I almost have nothing left in the fridge, so need to grab some bread and veggies and milk and whatever thing that will catch my eye... XP.

Anyway. At this kind of situation, I always have some random things in mind. Now I'm thinking about people's habit. Our habit. We JUDGE. We always do, right? I honestly hate those who judge others in an instant and make up a perception that certain others are considered 'a bad girl', or whatever... I hate that, but at the same time, I always tempted to do that too. I always try to think "Who am I to judge?", but still..

Why judging others too easily is not good for you? Simply because it makes us become malicious. And we don't want that, do we? I guess this would be my next resolution. To stop judging others is definitely not easy. But we can try. I can try :)

My tummy is a little upset now.

--counting sheeps put me to sleep, I hope--


missicality said...

awww. karna ngga di melbourne sih :P

btw, dit, it's starvation hehehe ;)

what time did you end up sleeping?

Andita Vernada said...

mwahahahha.. thanks mir. biasaa gw kan suka hajar aja gatau bener apa gak.. eerrrr.. jam 4. gara2 mikirin melbourne *lebay*.. hahah

missicality said...

hahaha .. eh. lebay itu apa yah?

i like the layout, btw :) lebih asik yang ini daripada yang sebelomnya.

Andita Vernada said...

ah miraa.. lebay = berlebihan. bahasa jakarta sih mir, bukan bahasa melb atau surabaya.. hihihihi...