Sunday, August 3, 2008

Denias, Senandung di Atas Awan.

One thing that came across my mind when I watched this movie was "I should have watched this a long time ago!", because it is indeed too good to be missed. No wonder it's been awarded some appreciation from many Film Festivals around the globe.

The storyline was quite simple. Based on true story (this words always caught my eyes when it comes to movie selection), this film illustrates the struggle of a boy named Denias to pursue his dreams for acquiring a proper primary education. He came from a remote area in Papua, where all the children could only get a limited access to school.
Long story short, he (literally!) walked a thousand miles to Papua's capital city where the qualified primary school is located. But its still a long way to go until he got accepted in that school..

I love the casts, the characters, the scenery (which is totally AWESOME!), and even the songs.
Well done, Ari Sihasale & Nia Zulkarnaen :)
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Mira said...

aaahh.. Dit - lu liat di mana? Gw dari dulu mau nonton itu tapi nggak pernah kepikir kalo pas lagi pulang indo, lalu pas di sini bingung bisa dapetnya dimana..

Andita Vernada said...

gw punya vcd nya miirr. nanti gw bawain :)

semuasayanganna said...

aku malah blum nonton ndiit..

kekekkee.. kapan nonton bareng lagi?? hahahaa..

iyah nih, kamu temanku ketiga yang bernama andita;)