Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Friend - Old Friend

I just chatted with an old friend. Well, not an "old friend" old friend, we went to the same junior high but never hang around or even talked to each other those days. Maybe that's because we never been in the same class. But he somewhow listed on my friend-list in FB.

So he greeted me through FB chat, told me that he met my brother today (he resides in Melbourne). As the conversation goes, I realized that I couldn't recall anyting about him at all. Its funny that he recognized me back then. And it made me feel bad that I should honestly said that I had no idea who he was. I think the only reason why he recognized me is because I was bestfriend with the most popular girl in school. Haha.

I told him that I'm planning to visit my brother in Melbourne next month, and he promised to be a tour guide during my visit. So I asked for his number, and misscalled him. Guess what? He said he was surprised that my name appeared in his screen when I called. Weird, eh? I never talked or chatted with him so how did he get my number? Is that the latest technology or what??

We chatted for more than an hour, it feels like I was chatting with a long-lost friend. Felt like I was talking to someone I knew for years, and its funny because technically we haven't met. So I'm kinda excited to meet this 'old friend'.

Owh I can't wait to see my brother in Melbourne, and stroll down the city with a pocket camera to capture its best spots. And I'm gonna meet some old friends in there too: Mira, Emon, Sari, and Yesa. Yeay!!

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DwD said...

wow what a coincident, same thing just happened to me. guess finding an old friend is easy nowadays with help of fcbook or friendster.