Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All I Wanna Do..

I'm so happy right now. Finally I can really go to Melbourne, yeay! Just booked the ticket yesterday, and I was lucky enough to get the what-so-called cheapest rate. So I'll be departed on August 5th, and come back on 12th. During my visit, I'll stay in my brother's apartment, for free. Purrrrfffeecccctt =D

Mira has suggested me some best spots in Melbourne that I should go to. Collins St, Ballarat, Pancake Parlour, Cupcakes *forgot the name*, Cocoa Black, Max Brenner, Giant Wheel, Flagstaff Garden, etc, etc.. Aaaawww I can't wait! This is my first time going on a holiday by myself (without my parents around), so I'm really really excited. This time, my holiday will be all about taking pictures, food tasting, and probabbly shopping. Aheahhaehaha.. How fun is that?

Its not all about the 'fun' things, though. My brother's apartment is misserable. No bed, no tables and chairs, no tv, no internet, no microwave, no fridge. He moved in last month and got really busy with his work, so yeah, its quite understandable for me. BUT! I gotta try my best to make it look more homey and more livable before my Papa and my Mama coming on the 18th. 'Cause if they see how my bro lives in his 'home', they'd be so deep in shock their jaws would dropped down to the floor. Not good, not good..

So I guess I should rush him to Ikea or whichever affordable furniture store is around. Or even try eBay. Eheehehe. Well, well, well... Just hoping my brother will have a spare time for me and furnishing his apt.

Hohoho. It's 6 days to go!

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