Saturday, April 5, 2008


We went to the cinema to watch Vantage Point yesterday. I like it :)
He picked me up at 3, and we went to Coles Park Centre to buy sugar and prawn (gw mau bikin udang goreng mayonaise). And we're heading to Bintang straight away to have lunch before finally go to Carousel. Surprisingly, there was a very long queue at the locket. Usually the cinemas are full on Tuesday where they cut the ticket price by $3.50 (kayaknya..). Then why on earth did lots of ppl meet up there on Saturday nite,? Heehe.. gw egois aja maunya tuh bioskop sepi biar ngantri tiketnya cepet.

Done with the movie, he took me to Farrell's Cafe to treat me with a jumbo slice of cheescake and a cup of flat white. Nyumm! Thank youuu, babyyy.. Me love you. Hihihihi..

And today, me and my housemates are going to Abacus Lab to finish our assignment. I'm so excited that this assignment is almost done so I can work on my other ones. I hope I can actually finish it by tonite.

Annddd... I'm having a job interview tomorrow. Wish me luck :)

Currently listening to: Hellogoodbye - Baby Its Fact.

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Adi said...

Goodluck ya Dit. Semoga yang ini cocok buat elu :)