Saturday, April 5, 2008

iPod-ku.. :(

I'm so terribly sad. My beloved iPod Classic has just suddenly broke down. Hang. Not responding, although its NOT on hold mode. What happened? I didn't do anything wrong. I always handle it with care. And the worst part is, I saved all my uni stuff in there. Another worst part is, its a birthday present from my parents last January. But my happiness is short-lived as an unexplainable error occur.

sorry to say. but its so..
fucking shit


--Nasya--Slvr--Yoonaas-- said...

ya ampun mbaa.. sedih tuh dngerya tapi g ampe fucking shit segala kale....

Andita Vernada said...

sshhhh.. km msh under-age ga boleh baca2 kalimat swearing! hehehehe.. maklum laahh, kan lagi emosional book..