Saturday, April 12, 2008

Perfect Life.

For these past few days, I've been thinking of how lucky I am to live in such a perfect life. Perfect does not mean flawless to me, though. I called it 'perfect' simply because I'm so easily in love with everything in it :)

Here are some facts of my life:

  • I must admit that I am not considered as 'smart' student at school or uni. I've never shown an outstanding performance in my study, even though I tried my best. But hey, its not so bad. Am about to graduate soon and it means that I am able to complete my bachelor degree in less than 3 years. Hmm, sounds good to me..
  • My family. My parents and my younger brother are my angels. They're not always there for me (as we live at different part of the world), but all these times, they've been my greatest supporter. The value we share in this family can never be shown in words, let alone the love and prayers we share for one-another.
  • For me, having a boyfriend like Aditya Surya (wew) is a super bless. He and my close friends are like my family here. More than a boyfriend, he is indeed my bestfriend. The one I can tell everything to. The one who knows me more than I do. To cut the long story short, he is more than a boyfriend and a friend. Once in a while, we still have the fight, though.. But yeah, sometimes its kinda fun, you know.. hehehe..
  • Perfect friends I have are so helping me going through the rough times.
  • I am healthy. And so are my loved ones. We're all happened to be born physically perfect as a human.
  • I get a chance to experience living overseas.
  • I've never been literally broke. I mean, I'm not working and not earn my own money yet, so financially, I am fully rely on my parents allowance and Alhamdulillah they can afford all my monthly expenses.
  • And so many other facts that can't be explained one-by-one. But trust me, there are billions of other things that makes me feel so blessed...
I don't mean to showing off my luckiness or whatsoever, really. Its just, writing it all down helps to remind myself to stop whining about itsy-bitsy stuff. .

Well as a young girl, I still have lots of dreams. A lot of goals I want to accomplish. Dan Alhamdulillah gw masih sehat. Alhamdulillah gw masih punya banyak kesempatan untuk melanjutkan mimpi2 gw, dan masih punya kesempatan untuk meraihnya. Tanpa kurang suatu apapun. Alhamdulillah.


Lil' P. said...

Amin.. Amin.. Alhamdulillah lo sehat - bahagia - aman - sejahtera - gembira - riang di sana.. #nenek2 mode#

Setuju, Dit.. Jadi menyadarkan gua, gimana pun kita harus bersyukur atas plus-minus di hidup kita ini..

Andita Vernada said...

iya may.. apapun yang terjadi, kita nggak boleh lupa bersyukur ya nak.. "tante2 mode on"