Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Hihihi, just realized that i haven't posted anything for more than a week. Why oh why? Cause i've been busy doing my internship with InterMatrix (IMX) which turned out to be very time-consuming and tiring.. But more than I have expected, I also have lots of fun here (even though i've made some silly mistakes) and gain new experince and friends.

All the bosses and employees are incredibly friendly and nice :)
They are also able to encourage the intern to do a better job, in their own way. So, yeah I think I'm more than lucky to have the opportunity to get to know them and the PR industry itslef.

On the other hand, I still wondering how a family-oriented career women split their time between taking care of their job, as well as their family and themselves.. Its a tough daily routine they're having, if I may say.. Salute!

Phiuh, I feel so so tired and sleepy.. But its still too early for me to throw myself on the bed.. So i guess I'll have a little chit-chat with my beloved boyfriend for half an hour before heading to my dream-la-la land, yay... I missed you too, love.. Wait 3 more weeks and I'll pampered you with a veeerrrryyy looonnnggg hug and lots of kisses *smooch*.. hahahahha..


wendy said...

ahh kerjaanmu enak
kerjaanku cuman angkat telpon sama ngomong2 ama para koko2 dari travel agent

crunchy said...

hehe its okay lah wen, it'll be ended soon anyway.. mending jalan2 sm mamamu dan tmn2mu kan yaa.. weeenn kangen ya booo...