Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Another Reunion.

Well its not actually a 'real' reunion. Just a small gathering in Plaza Senayan of me, Rio, Nicky & Utie, and Irfan. Inthe and Aldi should have been there too, unfortunately Aldi has to visit his grandma in hospital and Inthe didn't answer my call :(


Anyway, its been fun.. We revised almost all of our memory back in highschool, very funny. As I noticed, those of my friends are still look the same like they were 3 years ago, except Irfan with his long hair.. I dont how know much longer he will stand to carry around such weight on his head. Hahha, his hair is even longer (much longer) than mine ! Ckckckck... Owh, and I also noticed that I gain so much weight! Maybe 5-6 kilos... Ugghhh... I'm gonna move on dieetttt !!

Trus kita nonton I Am Legend di XXI. It was the first time I went to PS' newly-renovated theatre.. The ambience is very luxurious, very cozy and relaxing.. No wonder the ticket is quite pricey, too.. Hehe. Apa 50k itu standard yah sekarang? Anyway, comparing XXI with Hoyts is like comparing N73 with 3310, hahaha.. *minjem phrase nya Rio*. Sorry Australia.. But you're waaayyy left behind from Jakarta in many things.


Abis nonton, kita jalan2 sebentar, gw beli memory stick nya Sony, titipan nyokap. Abis itu sementara nunggu dijemput, Irfan sama Rio nemenin ngopi2 di Starbucks dulu. As always, Toffee Frapuccino nya enaak. Its been my favorite! Lebih enak kalo ice yaa, jangan yg blended. Gw nggak terlalu suka kopi yang heavy blended gitu, gampang kenyang dan mbleneg rasanya.

Lumayan jarang nih bisa ngumpul2 gini. Semenjak gw disini, ini baru ke-tiga kalinya gw ngumpul sama temen2, sedih amat ya... Hehe, thanks for your time today, guys !

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