Thursday, December 18, 2008


Just in case you wanna know, I'm blogging while I'm in the loo. Hihi. This is just one of billion things I love about having a wireless-broadband-internet-connection.

Errr.. Actually i don't have much to say. Audrey flew to Jakarta this morning, and Wendy just came home from a late-nite shopping few minutes ago and she seemed very happy with her new hair dryer and flat iron. Oh and she cooked a really yum chicken skin crackers this morning. I just couldn't get enuff of it.

Really, I need to do something useful. Something that could drag my lazy ass from the couch and bed. I need to get a 'real' job. I know i know, I always say the same thing over and over again about me longing for a full time job. But still... Aeegrhhr.. It makes me want to cry even just to think about it. See, the tears start to rolling down my cheek now. T_T

Woops. I miss my superboii.

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blue pankponk said...

hahah nonton aja yuk, khan ga bikin males ituu