Thursday, November 20, 2008

So Everyone's Going to Leave.

Ohhsss...ttt. Everyone's going to leave, and I'll still be here, alone. It was quite understandable when Mandy decided to go to Jakarta for a few days. She has some kind of 'mission' in there, yeah. My superboii is going to leave tomorrow, and coming back to Perth on the 2nd of January '09. Then, Wendy suddenly booked a ticket to Melbourne, for the sake of radicality. She's going to leave on Saturday. Huhu. To make it all worse, Odri is considering to spend her Christmas in Indo as well. Oh guuurreaat..

I don't wanna be alone in this what-so-called liveless city :/

1 comment:

mendi said...

lahh tenang2 gw balik cuma 5 hari gitu. gak penting juga dit,, gimana kalo lo ikutan balik??