Friday, February 22, 2008


My bluetooth is not working, so I won't be able to store photos from my mobile in here :(
Btw, me and Mandy along with Jon and Wendy went to the new Ikea in Innaloo yesterday. It was veeerrryyyy hugeeee, the biggest home furnishing store I've been to. We were so excited we thought we wouldn't get enuff of it but after 2 hours walking around, we felt like 'mabok furniture'.. Hahahah..

I bought myself a set of storage box ($12) to put my stuff in, and a set of lunch box for me and Wendy ($7). I consider those cheap because the storage box set consists of 6 boxes in different sizes that can be folded, and the lunch box set consists of more than 20 lunch boxes in different sizes and shapes.

Owh, and here I am, sitting alone in front of TV, jobless. Hehe g ada hubungannya sih, but I pitty myself for not getting a job, really.. Hiks..

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