Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hey, it's OK to..

Bought a copy of the latest edition of NewWoman and found this funny article called "Hey, it's OK to.."

  1. Not act your age all the time (it's good for the soul).
  2. Watch your boss spend all day with spinach in their teeth.. and not say a word.
  3. Understand the subtle difference between 10 shades of red nail varnish, and be proud of it.
  4. Hold a grudge for at least a decade.
  5. Spend a fortune on a top, only to find it a year later at the bottom of your cupboard with the tag still attached.
  6. Decide that DVD 'fuel' -buttered popcorn, Cheezels and two litres of Coke- is not a choice, but a necessity.
  7. Actually think that a new mascara will solve everything.
  8. Believe the most powerful force in the universe is GOSSIP :)
  9. Love being able to tell people, 'I told you so....'
  10. Lie to the police. "Wow officer, was I really going that fast?".
  11. Wonder why people in the movies carry their groceries in brown paper bags.
  12. Quit your job before you have a new one to go to.
  13. Not spend every holiday away with your partner -girls-only gateaways are healthy.
  14. Filrt with your ex and not feel guilty, hahah.
  15. Secretly find whoopee cushions, dogs wearing glasses and old people swearing hilarious.

Taken from March 2008 edition of Australian New Woman

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