Thursday, January 17, 2008


Global warming issue has became a headline recently, where the environmental activists are shouting out the "reduce, reuse, recycle" slogan all over the world. But as long as I concern, there is no gorcery store provides its customer with green bag or a paper bag (to replace plastic bags) around here in Jakarta. The fact that the world climate change seminar was held in Bali makes it even more ironic. Well I think, its a good start (yet a simplest thing to do) to replace plastic bags with paper bags.

I found an astonishing facts in O Magazine called

"How Long Does It Take To Biodegrade?"

1 to 5 months

Photobucket ---> 12 years

Photobucket ---> DECADES

Photobucket ---> 2 to 5 CENTURIES !

Photobucket ---> virtually FOREVER

what do u think?
*sorry for the messy lay out xP*


Adi said...

Andita! Saya setuju sekali. Btw, katanya di Perth semua plastic bag mau diganti ama paper bag by the end of 2008.

Kalo mau plastik harus bayar. Nah, berarti there's more excuse to buy the "i'm not a plastic bag" karung goni bag.

crunchy said...

ahahahaha... iya ya di, anya i'm not a plastic bag kan buat belanja grocery harusnya (yg gw liat di majalah2 bule sih bgitu), tp di jakarta malah dipake ke mall. dan gw jg sempet ikutan tertarik mau beli itu (d'oh).

asik nanti kita bisa take part dalam mensukseskan gerakan go green !