Sunday, January 18, 2009

Monday at Home.

It feels so good to have a day off on Monday! I woke up at 9.30 and just laid on my bed for one hour. Then suddenly I remembered about a card I found in my letter box the other day. It was from the post office, saying that they missed me when they delivered a package and therefore I need to pick it up at the LPO.

The package consists of 4 T-shirts (3 for me, 1 for the bf) that I bought online from Threadless 4 WEEKS AGO. I loove the prints, so colorful and cute. The shirts are very light and tightless, the kind of shirts you can wear in summer. However, I have a little problem with the sizing. I didn't know their sizing standards so I ordered 2 small and 1 medium for me (turned out the medium one is too big), and small male size for the bf. Gosh, the guy tees was so tiny I'm pretty sure my bf wouldn't fit in :(

Anyway. Have you ever watched Ellen De'Generes' show? I've been watching it for quite some times, and starts to enjoying it as much as I enjoy Oprah's. I still love Oprah, but I think Ellen's is more relaxed and refreshing. And now I'm watching The View. Another talkshow hosted by not one, but FOUR presenters. It's annoying, especially when all them are talking at the same time!

I'm gonna go blogwalking now.. :]


Anonymous said...

Your grammar is bad.
'tightless'is not even a word!
Maybe you meant 'loose fitting'?

'quite some times, and starts to enjoying it as'....????
There shouldn't be an s at the end of the word 'time' & 'starts' should be changed to 'starting'..duh!

-From an annoyed English major-

Are you really sure your studying in Oz???

Oh,no wonder,you're from Indonesia?Most of Indonesians become maid for Malaysians/Singaporeans right?

Belly Surya Candra Orsa said...

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